My name is Alexander Buzin.
I am front-end developer from Kiev, Ukraine.

I love interactive 3D art (especially in web). There are a lot of cool projects i have seen so far. They inspire me to create something new, undiscovered and interactive.

Open-source is where i began my creative way and till now i contribute to Javascript-related projects (including NodeJS).




WhitestormJS is a framework for 3D web apps built with Three.js technology.

It implements a core with component system and plugin support for fast development of 3D scene with physics.

Automizing your web app with whitestorm is fast and comfortable. This engine has physics support implemented by custom Physi.js library, which is much faster than others. Framework provides extended component control and high frame rate, because it uses WebWorkers technology for multithreading.

Each time you want to develop even a basic application - you need to describe every 3D part of it, such as renderer, frame updating, include external physics, write autoresize if needed. This time we want you to make all it much easier with best performance and functionality. You still can manage all of them, but if you forgot to do that, or just don't need it - whitestorm.js will do all it for you.

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My implementation of WebAssembly logo. That's how i see it.

The logo is implemented using Adobe Illustratrator in pair with Photoshop. I used my notepad to draw a scetch, when i found it interesting i decided to implement a vector part in Illustrator and then moved to Photoshop to make a composition (mockup with some variations in different colors).

WebAssembly logo github issue

That's the first real game i created using WhitestormJS framework.

I used TweenLite fot smooth animations (as i do on this website, i hope they are as smooth for you), multithreading and LocalStorage for holding whitestorm.js framework (implemented using Basket.js, thanks to Addy Osmani)


There are 3 parts of a big story of how i develop this game, which technologies used and why

"Developing a street basketball game."

Website for WhitestormJS framework made using ReactJS

I made this website to explain main features of my framework as clear as i could. This website is unique for me, because i used a lot of new libaries and technologies to implement such interaction in navigation (see transition when hovering navigation items).

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Plugin registy based on

My favorite feature in gulpjs is it's plugin registry (that's true). I really wanted such thing to be in WhitestormJS and decided to implement my own.

The funny thing is that i was searching web for the reference of "how to do your own plugin registry". Web said: "LOL, we don't know..."

Thanks to website (we were the first, who asked them to open their API), now we have a complete registry made with ReactJS that uses NPM data to search across packages.

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Physics library based on Ammo.js and Bullet Physics 3

Current ammo.js is compiled from Bullet Physics 2 sources. Bullet Physics 2 is good enough, but to my mind BP3 is much smoother.

AmmoNext is specially optimized to work with Physijs (current ammo.js has different config and not everything that is used in Physijs is exported to latest Ammo).

Thanks to @kripken for the original Ammo.js!

AmmoNext on Github